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LOOK GOOD AND let them know!

Whether you are selling online, attracting new clients, sharing information about you/your business or just want to tell a story – your website is your shop window. It’s the first thing people will look for when they are searching online or have heard about how wonderful you are. Your audience needs to be able to find you, but also an out of date, clunky website that doesn’t work properly can be worse than none at all! Let people know all about you, what you do and connect with them all in one place, making a great first impression.

designs that are all about you!

You know you need to get your name out there, but it can be a complicated and daunting task knowing where to start and let’s face it, you’re too busy with all the other stuff! I can help you identify what you need – from simple landing pages to more complex, content-rich designs – that truly represent you and what you do. Whether you need a logo, marketing materials, a new website or your old one needs a re-vamp – it’s important to me that you and your brand are looking good!

Let's make it work for you!

Building your perfect website – from finding a domain name and hosting package, creating images and content to getting it all online – it needn’t be a headache. I can help with everything you need, from simple information sites to online shops, booking and payment systems. Websites should not only look good but should be user-friendly, easy to navigate, responsive and work on all devices. I can provide hosting if required and keep your site updated and well maintained. If you need extras such as business email and help with your content creation and images, not a problem. If you have an exisiting site that needs help or know exactly what you want, that’s fine too! Together we can get you to launch via a friendly, honest and straightforward process.

keep up the good work!

Your lovely new website is out there and everyone can see how brilliant you are – it’s up to you where you go from here. If you want to manage your own website and content going forward the whole thing can be signed over to you and I can guide you through what to do. If you don’t need website management in your life, I can keep everything up to date and maintain it for you going forward. Or, you can choose a mixture of both – working together to ensure you’re showing you at your best!